Anti-War Resisters Speak Out at Ft Hood in Killeen, Texas

Under the Hood is a rifle shot from the east gates of Fort Hood in a grim ­commercial zone of tattoo parlors, pawnshops, car lots, payday lenders, bars, strip clubs, and a place advertising “gold grillz” for teeth—establishments eager to drain young soldiers of their earnings. In this garrison town, the café has become a gathering place for dissident GIs, peace activists, veterans and active-duty soldiers who need help… to continue reading click the link below

This is an excellent article called ‘Injured Hearts, Injured Minds’ recently put out by the Texas Observer that focuses on the growing number of anti-war resisters who meet and counsel each other at a local cafe in Killeen, Texas. We encourage folks to read the piece in order to get a better understanding of what many members of our troops are dealing with both on the battlefield and when they return home…

We caught up with a good friend of ours Matt Gossage a film maker out of Austin, Tx who put together a wonderful documentary that supplements the TO article and also sheds additional light on the plight of the soldiers interviewed. Peep the documentary and let us know what you think. Big Shout out to Matt and the Texas Observer-Job Well done.

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