Woman Beaten at 50 Cent’s Mansion for Refusing Oral Sex-Men What’s Our Stance on this?


DaveyD-leather-225This is a bad look for Hip Hop on a number of fronts. First this comes on the heels of Chris Brown being sentenced to 5 years probation for viciously beating Rihannalast February who was then his girlfriend at the time. We are now learning that court documents reveal the Brown had laid hands on Rihanna on 3 other occasions. One would think that all of us within Hip Hop would be above and beyond reproach with such incidents. All eyes will be on 50 Cent to see how he addresses this scenario even though he wasn’t cited for any wrong doing. This took place in his house and will undoubtly cast him in a bad light. Many women will be looking to see if he speaks out about this violence.

On another note this incident comes on the heels of an explosive essay written by feminist Jennifer McLune Make Her Say (Poke Her Face): Un-conscious Hip Hop, Oral Rape and the Silencing of Women . Here McLune lambasting a popular song called Poke Her Face which features Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Common.

While McLune’s essay was embraced by many, she also got a lot of push back, from mainly men who were upset about her analysis. Some said she was reaching and that she was using the song to show a deep seated hatred toward brothers. Others said the song was about an activity that is mutually enjoyed by men and women and that she was somehow being prudish in her objections.

Even though 50 Cent is not being accused of any wrong doing a vicious beating of a woman who refused oral sex took place at his house-Should he be speaking out about this?

Even though 50 Cent is not being accused of any wrong doing a vicious beating of a woman who refused oral sex took place at his house-Should he be speaking out about this?

The author Jennifer McLune took issue with song depicting violent oral sex. She argued that repeatedly hearing such songs will actually normalize and may even encourage violence toward women. She wasn’t naive enough to believe that someone listening to a song would suddenly go out and commit violence, but these songs come to underscore a culture that seems to scoff at and dismiss violence toward women far too often.

I guess its fair to ask the question, will those men speak up and roundly condemn the beating that took place at 50 Cent’s mansion? Will they speak up if for any reason just to show that this was not indicative of the behavior McLune feared was manifesting itself?

Violence over refusal to have oral sex at the home of a popular rap star? This is not a good look. How will we as men make this a teachable and hopeful preventable moment or should we?

Something to ponder

-Davey D-

 Woman Beaten at 50 cents Mansion for Refusing Oral Sex

By Roman Wolfe


A man employed by 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records is accused of attacking a woman last Sunday (August 16), after she refused his requests for oral sex.

News broke last week that Dwayne McKenzie, 28, and Michelle Krzykowski, 21, were accused of assaulting a woman on 50 Cent’s sprawling mansion in Farmington, Connecticut.

The incident began after McKenzie made the request, which resulted in an argument between McKenzie and one of the woman’s friends.

When the two women and their friends attempted to leave, Krzykowski attacked one of the women, striking her in the head with a hard object, as McKenzie held the woman down.

The unknown woman, who had danced in music videos in the past, managed to pepper spray McKenzie, Krzykowski, flee the scene and call 911.

According to the Hartford Courtant, the woman’s head wound was serious, requiring a total of 9 staples to close the gash.

Krzykowski has told police that she was intoxicated during the assault and only remembers that the women had called her a “cracker.”


Police: Spurned Request For Sex Led To Beating At 50 Cent’s Mansion

By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY The Hartford Courant


FARMINGTON — – A request for oral sex led to an attack on a woman at rapper 50 Cent‘s mansion, according to court documents obtained Monday.

Police said the woman, who was not identified, had cuts and a gash on the back of her head after the early morning incident on Aug. 16.

Dwayne McKenzie — who works for 50 Cent and lives in a building at the rapper’s sprawling estate at 50 Poplar Hill Drive — is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Hartford today.

McKenzie, 28, and Michelle Krzykowski of New Britain, who turns 21 today, were charged with second-degree assault, conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and breach of peace, police said. McKenzie, who has arrest records in Farmington and Hartford, also was charged with first-degree unlawful restraint.

McKenzie was arrested Thursday after he was stopped by New Britain police on suspicion of violating seat belt laws, and Krzykowski turned herself in on a warrant the same day, said Farmington Lt. William Tyler. Krzykowski is due in court Sept. 1.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, was not involved in the assault, Tyler said.

According to the warrant for McKenzie’s arrest, McKenzie asked a woman for oral sex. The woman had danced in a music video for another man who also was at the mansion that night.

One of the woman’s friends took offense and argued with McKenzie, police said. The two women and their friends decided to leave and were in the driveway when Krzykowski ran at the group and grabbed one of the women, witnesses said.

McKenzie yelled that she was attacking the wrong person, and Krzykowski turned her attention to the victim, hitting her in the head with a hard object, the warrant states. The resulting gash required nine staples to close.

Witnesses told police that McKenzie pinned the victim to the ground while Krzykowski hit her. Krzykowski had been doing anything McKenzie told her to do that night, one witness told police.

The victim was able to get away after blasting her attackers with pepper spray, police said. She got into a friend’s car and they left, calling 911 from a cellphone about 3:50 a.m.

Krzykowski told police she was very drunk and didn’t remember talking to the other women at the house, although she recalled they had called her “cracker” — a derogatory name for white people — and that one of the women hit her.

McKenzie told police two women were involved in a fight, and that he broke it up and escorted them off the property.

In a different Farmington case from May, McKenzie faces charges including assault and strangulation. He also was found guilty in 2007 of illegal possession of a firearm, for which he received a suspended, five-year prison sentence, according to court documents.

McKenzie is part of 50 Cent’s business known as “G-Unit,” said his lawyer, Gerald Klein.

•Courant Staff Writer Hilda Munoz contributed to this story.

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