Who Will Be Texas’ Next US Senator? Meet Houston Mayor Bill White

Currently a lot of attention is focused on the Governor’s race here in Texas. People are buzzing about the contentious nature of the contest and how the GOP has a widening split. That’s a noteworthy scenario in a state that is now a battleground state.  However, if this  ‘newer and bluer’ Texas is going to be a a force on the national scale then it needs to have some one with left leaning politics sitting in one of the states two Senate seats. Enter Houston Mayor Bill White.

He clearly understands whats at stake and has already started campaigning and making his name better known beyond the confines of Houston. The battle to win Kay Bailey Hutchison’ soon to be vacated seat as she shoots to be governor will be hard fought but Mayor White feels he’s up for the job.  

He attended the Netroots Convention in Pittsburgh earlier this month where he let the national blogasphere know that there’s a new day in Texas and for folks to pay attention. he touted the states progress including its commitment to be a leader in Green economy.

We went down to Houston and caught up with Mayor White. In this 4 pt interview he covers a variety of topics that he feels will be important to Texans, especially those who are just getting acclimated to politics.

Here in pt 1 we sit down w/ Houston Mayor Bill White where he explains why he is the man for the job and why the state of Texas is ready for him. He talks about the role Houston played in Katrina relief efforts and why Texas is on a roll leading the way in the Green economy. he also downplays the notion of Texas moving in a blue political direction.  He says he’s here for all Texans.


Here in pt 2 We continue our conversation w/ Houston Mayor Bill White. We ask him to weigh in on key issues facing Texas right now and to remove his mayoral hat and put on his Senate cap.  He explains what approach he would take on the issues of healthcare and the economy if he was sitting in the US Senate currently occupied by Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Here in pt3  Bill White the Mayor of Houston who is running for US Senate talks to us about his plans and strategy for dealing with immigration and immigration reform.


In pt4 of our interview We sat down and concluded our conversation with Houston mayor Bill White who is running for US Senate. Here he talks about education, job training & offers advice for first time voters who he feels will play a crucial role in upcoming elections.  He reminds younger voters that the election of President Obama is one of many steps they have yet to take.  He wants them to involve themselves in the process even more.


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