Texas Secessionist Show up at State Capitol Pushing Their Cause

southernshifthat-225Normally upon seeing a video like this  I would say that this is the comedy moment for the day. After all it has all the trimmings of a Saturday Night Live or Dave Chapelle TV skit. All the stereotypes  associated with country bumpkins, ditsy housewives who have no idea of what they’re talking about and deranged loud obnoxious racists from a bygone era 4 decades ago are all lived up to.  Dave Chappelle couldn’t haver done a finer job in crafting a script ecept what we are seeing in the video below sadly took place in real life this past weekend on the steps of the state capitol in Austin.

 That’s right people,  those are real life folks who showed up at the steps of the Texas state Capitol in Austin this past weekend to tell the world why the Lone Star State needs to secede.  These are the yahoos that give the state a bad name… And while many will probably get a good laugh from this, we still kinda have to keep one eye open, because  you have nut jobs like Fox News commentator Sean Hannity who will not only give platform to this and legitimize it, but he’ll go on air and defend as he did a few months back when Governor Rick Perry uttered he wants Texas to bounce from the US.

What’s even sadder is as Texas continues to move in the direction of becoming a blue state I can see some in power folks on the red side of town really pushing for secession to happen. Their rationale would be.. If we can’t have her-nobody can. Call it being a sore loser or growing pains. All I know is that its best we all keep our eyes and ears open-these secessionist folks are everywhere. Run.  Hide, The Secessionist are coming! The Secessionist are coming!  

-Davey D-


Texas Secessionist To Health Care Reform Advocates: ‘Go Back To The U.S. Where You Belong’


On Friday, ThinkProgress reported that “tenthers” in Texas were set to hold a pro-secession rally in Austin this weekend. According to the Texas Observer, upwards of 200 people attended the rally, where one speaker declared, “We hate the United States!

The organizer of the event, Daniel Miller, a leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement who has appeared on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show, said that he and his fellow secessionists were disappointed that Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn’t attend the rally because they were heartened by his pro-secession comments earlier this year:

Daniel Miller, the leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement and the only speaker who had the slightest ability to make secession sound like anything other than just complete lunacy, recounted the April 15 tea party rally in Austin and what it meant to the secessionist movement.

“When [Perry] was giving a speech and the crowd began to shout what? – Secede! Secede! Secede! – that’s what they chanted. So they asked him afterward, What do you think? He said, Well we reserve that right; if things get so bad we reserve the right to leave. And I gotta tell you it’s the first solid thing he’s done in his administration that I can agree with in many, many years.”

One speaker at the event, gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina, explained that the people at the rally were aware of the consequences of pushing for secession. “We are aware that stepping off into secession may in fact be a bloody war,” said Medina. “We are aware that the tree of freedom is occasionally watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” When some secessionist began arguing with pro-health care reform activists, another speaker, Larry Kilgore, was heard telling them, “Go back to the U.S. where you belong


Here’s another article from the Texas Observer about what took place:


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