An Interview with James Rucker of Color of Change

We sat down and spoke with long time activist James Rucker about a number of topics including redistricting and gerrymandering.  With the 2010 census looming, elections for particular seats around the country are taking on extreme importance since the winner will determine who gets to set lines that will determine new congressional and legislative districts for the next 10 years.

Rucker’s interview is part of a much longer, more indepth TV/ podcast feature we at The Southern Shift did on this project where we focus on how redistricting will effect Texas.  Harvey Kronberg of the The Quorum Report noted that rediscrticting is the only political game in town with everything else including some of the big races being mere window dressing.

We also spoke with Rucker about Color of Changes fight with Fox News, Van Jones and the Glenn Beck advertiser boycott

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