ACORN Avoiding Houston Politics in 2009

acornsignBy now everyone has heard about the troubles plaguing ACORN. For those unfamiliar with this grassroots organization, the narrative of it being fraudulent is the one that folks are holding onto and that’s completely understandable considering some of the damaging undercover footage shown and allegations of wrongdoings levied against them.  For those who are familiar with ACORN, controversy and attacks from political foes are nothing new. If anything, one thing that has been refreshing about ACORN is their willingness to stand firm and fight back and throw serious haymakers of their own. They have long taken the position of being a voice for the voiceless and have let very little deter them over the years.

However, in recent weeks some of the attacks have been taking their toll including the recent decision from Congress to no longer fund them to the tune of 10 million dollars.  Although that’s a lot of money, ACORN was quick to point out that the federal dollars received was only 10% of their total operating budget and while the loss would sting, they fully intended to carry on especially on local levels around the country, including Houston. With that in mind, it may have come as a surprise when people opened up this mornings paper and saw that ACORN was bowing out of Houston politics in the upcoming election season. With a mayor’s race on the line, a gubernatorial race in the wings and senate bid on tap, one has to wonder if it was ACORN that decided or their supporters that pushed for them to lay low and go away least they become a galvanizing lightening rod for foes on the political right.

With Texas now being a battleground state and redistricting and other issues also on horizon,  it might be wise in many left leaning political circles to distance themselves from ACORN. The problem now faced, is like it or not, ACORN has been very effective in reaching poor communities and giving them an uncompromised voice and seat at the table. Who will fill that void in the weeks and months to come? Are there other, less tarnished grassroots organizations that can? Keep in mind ACORN does alot more than register voters, they help people in crisis from foreclosures to immigration to recovery from natural disasters like Hurricanes Rita and Ike.

Lastly in closing one should not be too quick to make ACORN the poster child for political corruption.  Yes, they are under investigation in several states. And yes, some of their members have been accused of wrong doings. Punishment should be meted out for those guilty. But two things to keep in mind. First, the people they politicized and gave voiced to are not corrupt. They fall victim to ACORN being forced out of the arena. In addition if other political organizations were doing their job and seriously reaching out to marginalized communities, there would have been no need for ACORN…

Second point, one should not be too quick to point fingers when we’ve so much within our government both locally and nationally have things that can be brought into question. This is for both Democrats and Republicans.  The list is long and as ACORN falls to the back the spotlight will inevitably fall onto others who’s track records aren’t too savory.. Be prepared for the ride.. 

-Davey D-


ACORN Avoiding Houston Politics in 2009

by Isiah Carey

Ginny Goldman Heads up Texas ACORN

Ginny Goldman Heads up Texas ACORN


The group issued a news release which apparently indicates that the group is not getting involved in Houston politics during the 2009 election season.

According to the news release, “Texas ACORN Political Action Committee has announced that it will not endorse candidates in the November 3, 2009 Houston City Election.”

Ginny Goldman, Texas ACORN-State Head Organizer, also said the following in the statement: “Given the controversy surrounding the national organization and specifically offices on the East Coast, our Houston members have decided to steer clear of politics for the upcoming local elections,” said Joe Lewis, Texas ACORN PAC Treasurer. “Some people are trying to use ACORN as a political football, but the work we do on behalf of everyday Houstonians who are trying to stay out of foreclosure, keep the lights on, and get health insurance is too important to let that happen. ACORN’s PAC will not endorse any candidates or ballot issues in the upcoming November 3rd election.”

– Fallout continues for the controversial organization The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as ACORN.

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