Rise of the Brown Emcee pt2 (The Indians Are Coming Back)



25 Joints to get U thru the Day #15

Rise of the Brown Emcee pt2 (the Indians Are Coming back)

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We continue with our musical journey celebrating the Rise of today’s Brown emcees. We cover alot of ground especially with those who reflect Indegenous traditions in their music. Folks like Quese IMC, Omeca, 2Mex and Kiawiti hit the mark. We also celebrate those who have have crossed over into the mainstream but still kick flava like Omar Cruz, SPM and Malvadre to name a few.

Enjoy pt2

 01-Quese IMC ‘Orrolope Muccusepen’

02-Omeca, Victor E of EL Vuh  ‘Tolte’

03-Filthee Immigrants ‘Liberta’ (Raul Salinas mix)

04-Majesty ‘Pain Music’

05-Immortal Technique w/ Maya Acuzema ‘Crimes of the Heart’

06-Mala Rodriguez ‘Titar Afila El Colmillo’

07-MIS (Mexican Institute of Sound) ‘HipHopno Pares’

08-Rebel Diaz ‘Golpe’

09-Bocafloca ‘Suenos Rotos’

10-La Krudas ‘Eres Bella Siendo Tu’

11-Orisha w/ Tony Touch ‘Represent’

12-Malvadre w/ Tony Touch & Sondoobie ‘Pachanga’

13-Kiawiti ‘Una Claifornia’

14-Chino XL, Sinfull & Pitbull ‘Latinos Stand Up’

15-Omar Cruz w/ Farnkie J ‘To the Top’

16-Jimmy Roses ‘Hug Real Tight’

17-JenRo ‘Internal Segregation’

18-B-Real  & Malvadre ‘Tiempo Perdido’

19-SPM ‘Mexican Heaven’

20-Cihuatle Ce ‘Rise Above’

21-Mala Rodriguez ‘Tambelea’

22-Cihuatle Ce ‘La Otra Resistencia’

23- La Krudas ‘Verna La Difficultad’

24-2Mex & Sick Jacken & Xololanxin  ‘Doctors, Drums & Danger’

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