Who Should be Houston’s Next Mayor?

With early voting in full swing and the election day less than a week away… people are still up in the air as to who they should vote for when it comes to Mayor of Houston.  Who ever sits in that chair will be yielding a lot of power and will set a tone for one of the nation’s most exciting and rapidly growing cities. Houston is on the move and it needs a mayor who will set the pace. It needs a mayor who can make an increasing young population feel like he or she is in touch and understands the pressing issues impacting young adults. They range from job opportunities to education to affordable housing. Houston needs a mayor that will make a city that has large African-American, Latino, Asian and Gay & Lesbian population feel like their respective needs are being met. Below you will find some links to articles and videos that can hopefully lend some insight.. We wish everyone look in the making an informed decision.

 Peter Brown 



Gene Locke

visit gene Locke’s website: http://www.genelocke.com/index.asp

Gene Locke is quick to laugh and make quips, but has a dignified presence when asked why he wants to be mayor of Houston.

“I love this city. It has been a place of opportunity for me. I came here to go to the University of Houston in the 1960s with basically no idea how I would even financially get through college. And now years later, I sit in an interview with you talking about the possibility of running for the mayor of the city of Houston. That means that Houston clearly has been a place of opportunity to me and I want to keep Houston as a place of opportunity.”

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Roy Morales



Anise Parker

Visit Annise Parker’s website http://www.anniseparker.com/home  

Annise Parker has been in city politics for a long time. She knows the players, the challenges and the negotiations it takes to get results in city government.  

Parker says Houstonians are looking for someone with the leadership skills and experience to manage the city through tough economic times. And she says she has those qualifications.  

“I’ve managed the city’s $2 billion budget. I’ve managed the city’s $12 billion debt portfolio. I have conducted audits of city programs and departments. I know how the budget flows, I know what works and what doesn’t and I’ve made a number of reccommendations to improve city processes and city finances.”  

In the past, Parker says city leaders made short-sighted decisions and Houston paid the consequences….  

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