A Message to Gene Locke & Annise Parker-The People Need You to Step It Up In order to Win Their Votes

Downtown Houston was on fire this past weekend as a few hundred folks showed up for the Discovery Green Living Life Festival. Headlining the acts were Marc Bamuthi Joseph a spoken word artists and playwright along with Hip Hop icon MC Lyte.  The festival was the jump off for a year long conversation that will help facilitate the fusing of Hip Hop, politics, art and Green Sustainable living. Both Lyte and Joseph are strong believers in the power of art to help uplift, educate and inspire communities.  Their track record over the years has more than proven that.

During the Festival people mentioned the upcoming December 12th runoff for mayor which pits Gene Locke against Annise Parker. many in the crowd were keenly aware of the low voter turnout this past election day (20%). Many attributed it to the lack of outreach by the candidate. We spoke to a number of people to get their take on the election and what either candidate would need to do to win their votes.. Here’s the first installment of our Message to Gene Locke and Annise Parker series

We caught up with Houston artist and promoter Craig Long aka BBC. He talked to us about Houston’s thriving underground scene and how there’s a lot of unity within it. He also talked us about his thoughts on the Houston mayoral race. His personal message to candidates Gene Locke and Annise Parker is to step it up and fix his streets. BBC explains the significance behind that.

Shannon Buggs is a journalist who has been with the Houston Chronicle for 10 years. She is also the head of Metafour Houston, a spoken word collective. She talked to us about the vibrant art scene and the progressive political side of Houston. She also weighs in on the upcoming December 12th Mayoral run off between Gene Locke and Annise Parker. She offers some insight into both candidates that many people overlook. Below are her thoughts..

Michael K Taylor is an award winning poet and artist. He’s also a teacher and journalist who is passionate about Houston’s burgeoning art scene. He talks about the new energy the city is feeling and how he’s embracing the change. He also talks about the Mayor’s race between Gene Locke and Annise Parker and reminds them if they want his vote, they better start showing up to the neighborhoods he frequents. He notes that thus far they’ve been absent and its glaring.

Got Soul Sessions Radio is an internet radio station that specializes in urban soul. Romaine Smoots is the marketing director. She talks about Houston’s music scene and how Got Soul Sessions has tapped in. She also talks about what the two mayoral candidates need to do if they wish to win over the votes of her listeners. She says be honest and star having more direct conversations.

Houston artist Justice Allah, of the South Park Coalition. He talks about the new projects he and fellow Houstonian emcee K-Rino are working on. He spits a nice conscious raising freestyle for us and then weighs in on the upcoming December 12th Runoff between Gene Locke and Annise Parker. He tells the two candidates to stop showing up just around election time and the holidays for photo ops.

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