The Obama Generation, Revisited

This is a nice article from a good friend of ours Elizabeth Méndez Berry who has brings to light the important question about ‘where are the throngs of youth organizers that helped shape and elect President Obama. It’s an important article considering the low voter turnout around the country for this past 09 election and what’s at stake and may be in store for 2010 contest.

The Obama Generation, Revisited

By Elizabeth Méndez Berry

Watch a video about the Obama youthquake, one year later, here.

ObamayouthNot everyone at President Obama’s healthcare rally at the University of Maryland on September 17 was as “fired up and ready to go” as he was. There were frat boys clowning around, students excited to see a president–any president–young men in matching T-shirts who were there solely because of their sheet metal workers union and one antiabortion activist with remarkable lungs. But it’s safe to say that on that drizzly day, the Comcast Center was packed with 12,000 mostly young people who supported the president and his healthcare plan. As the marching band played “Copacabana” not once, not twice, but three times, student volunteers made sure the spectators–some of whom had lined up at 5:30 am–stayed within the cordoned areas. Young women in Healthcare ’09 T-shirts craned to catch a glimpse of Obama, and after he finally emerged there was a cacophony of “I love you, Barack!”

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama won 66 percent of voters under 30, increasing the Democratic share of the youth vote by 12 percent over 2004. Young people were among Obama’s earliest and most important supporters; people under 30, for example, represented Obama’s margin of victory in Iowa, the crucial first caucus. Rallies like this one, with thousands of young people putting their hands in the air for healthcare reform, are the most obvious indication of continuing youth enthusiasm for the president.

continue reading article here….


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