Pimp of the Week-Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

Pimp of the Week-Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez Tx 23 has left many women and pro-choice advocates disappointed with his support of the Stupak Amendment which will restrict a woman's ability to get an abortion.

This week we a couple of people to put on blast for supporting the controversial  Stupak Amendment that was tacked on at the last-minute to the recently passed Healthcare Reform Bill. For those who don’t know, Bart Stupak a Pro-life Democrat  pushed for this  amendment which was would prevent abortions from being covered under health care plans included in the health care insurance exchanges. Many feel this is a huge step backwards and far-reaching  in the sense that it completely shuts down a woman’s right to choose, even she pays with her own money.  While it’s not suprising that Pro-Life members of the House would get with it, it was unnerving to see 64 Democrats, 20 of them pro-Choice members of the House support this amendment. It just doesn’t jive with their voting records and is seen by many as a huge let down…Most notable on the list are Silvestre Reyes, TX-16, and Ciro Rodriguez, TX-23 Both gentlemen have gotten high marks from organizations like Planned Parenthood for their overall voting record, which has allowed a woman’s the right to choose.   Reyes has an 83% rating while Rodriguez has perfect 100% record..

We checked their websites to see if we could better understand why they went along with this provision, especially after President Obama  has strongly urged for members to present a bill that doesn’t change the status quo. Neither gentleman  mentions their reasons for backing Stupak. Here’s the link to Ciro Rodriguez’s statement on Healthcare. Here’s the link to Silvestre Reye’s statement.

Both gentlemen are underfire from organizations like Working Assets who have launched a Send them a Coat Hanger Petition drive demanding that Reyes, Rodriguez and their 18 pro-choice cohorts change their minds. organizers do not want to see a return to the dreary and dangerous days before abortions were legal where women went to back alleys and used coat hangers to do abortions. This far close to 112,000 signatures have been gathered with much more to come. Here’s a link to the Send them a Coat Hanger petition

 Ciro Rodriguez has come under additional fire as Planned Parenthood and  NARAL who gave him money are threatening to withhold funds next election cycle. NARAL political director Elizabeth Shipp recently noted that Rodriguez  ‘will pay a price for their vote’.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said she ‘was disappointed’.

There was a recently column put out by the website CultureKitchen called Machismo at Work : Members of the CHC who voted for the Stupak Amendment and against women’s rights, where Rodriguez’s contributions from anti-Health Reform foes AmeriPAC American Political Action Committee was called into question. Perhaps this was a reason he choice to vote for the Stupak Amendment. In any case, we are awarding Ciro Rodriguez the Pimp of the Week Award, for taking money and accolades rom Pro-Choice organization and then rolling against them as if he didn’t have a care in the world.  It’s not a good look Congressman. Its actions like this that make folks cynical about electoral politics.

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