The Memory Scrub About Ft. Hood: Even Kay Bailey Hutchison Knew Hasan Wanted a Discharge

I just came across this compelling article on Alternet that talks about the ‘memory scrub’ that has taken place in the aftermath of the Fort Hood massacre. We ran a similar story around the time of this tragedy  about the sudden switcharoo and how Hasan went from being a despondent, troubled individual to being a conniving plotting terrorist. The simplistic, yet galvanizing explaination offered up by the military didn’t fit well with many of us…I know for myself, I kept asking what happened to all the talk about mental instability?

In this article, writer Mark Ames brings to light ‘the archives’ around the Fort Hood incident. He quotes many of the key pundits including Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who pretty much explains what we all knew, that Hasan had been trying to get discharged and it was never granted. A lot of questions are still unanswered in one opf the worse massacres to hit a domestic miltary base in history..

-Davey D-

The Memory Scrub About Why Ft. Hood Happened Is Almost Complete … If It Weren’t for Archives

By Mark Ames, AlterNet.

What happened to all the initial reports that accused Fort Hood killer Maj. Nidal Hasan snapped because he was distraught over the Army’s refusal to grant him either a discharge or an exemption from being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, wars which the Muslim psychiatrist abhorred — and how it was this callous Army refusal to accommodate Maj. Hasan that led to his downward spiral into despondency, rage and mass murder?

We heard quite a bit about this in the first couple of days, and then — poof! That part of the Fort Hood story disappeared so neatly that I almost started to wonder if I’d imagined it — such is the power of media bombardment versus a mere soap bubble like the human memory. I might have forgotten too and gone along with the reality-scrub, the way all of Official America has gone, but thanks to all the news archives, it was possible to check the record as it was first reported on November 5, and trace how a key part of the Nidal Hasan story was airbrushed away from reality.

The Army’s pig-headed failure to accommodate Maj. Hasan was, for a time, the most important — and most damaging — detail forunderstanding his shooting rampage. Because if Maj. Hasan tried to get out of his deployment, and if he telegraphed every warning signal possible (emailing terrorists, cruising 7-11s in his Al Qaeda costume) to bolster his case to reverse his deployment orders, and all the while the Army bureaucracy ignored him despite his 20 years’ service — then that means the massacre can’t be blamed just on one crazy Islamofascist’s inner evil.

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