Should Houston Mayor Bill White Run for Governor?

Well by now everyone has heard the buzz about Houston Mayor Bill White possibly changing course in a move that will seriously put him in the national spotlight. We had long heard that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was toying around with dropping out of the highly contentious Governor’s race and remaining in what has become a highly contentious United States Senate. There she can continue to irk Texans by continuing to cast votes like; saying ‘No’ to Judge Sonia Sotomayor‘s confirmation to be the first Latino appointed to the Supreme Court and saying ‘No’ to an extension for the very popular Cash for Clunkers program.  Hutchison says she’s gonna stay until the March 2010 primaries and then decide.

At the same the states leading Democrat for Governor Tom Schieffer had announced he was dropping out which is understandable. No one seemed to know or care that he was running. His campaign was very uninspiring. This chain of events led to widespread speculation and lots of urging that Mayor White step in and go for the Governor’s seat.

White has already garnered national attention because of his role during recovery efforts around hurricane Ike and then later with his positive stances on Green Jobs and the Green Economy, which seemed to be in stark contrast to what many around the country have come to perceive about the oil rich Lone Star State. When White showed up earlier this year at the progressive Netroots Convention in Pittsburgh, he was warmly received and got a lot of encouragement when he announced he was running for Senate.

In a changing world and changing state it was high time that Texas have a strong left leaning elected official on the national stage. The bid for Senate seemed well fitted for the popular Houston mayor. But now with all the attention focused on the governorship  thanks to the mudslinging between Hutchison and current governor Rick Perry, running for governor might be the move. In both scenarios, White still has to appeal to the entire state. Texas Democrats really need a sharp bolt of energy after its lackluster offerings to the governorship. Also White will have the added advantage of not having to change any of his signage or bumper stickers which read ‘Bill White for Texas‘.

As of late White has been coy about saying if he’ll switch races. His official line is that he’s still running for Senate, but he did say he’d give it some serious thought after Scheiffer dropped out.  Friday, December 4th his when he’ll give us the final results of that ‘serious’ thought.  Many throughout the state and beyond are hoping that he’ll run for Governor. They feel he may be just what the ‘political’ doctors ordered.  Let us know what you think? Should Bill White change up and run for Governor?

Below are the 4 part video of the interview we did with Bill White a couple of months ago when he was quite firm about his bid for Senate..

Here Bill White explains why he is the man for the job of US Senate and why the state of Texas is ready for him. He talked about the role Houston played in Katrina relief efforts and why Texas is on a roll leading the way in the Green economy.

We continue our conversation w/ Houston Mayor Bill White where he explains what approach he would take on the issues of healthcare and the economy.

Here Mayor Bill White talks to us about his plans and strategy for dealing with immigration and immigration reform

Here Bill White talks about education, job training & offers advice for first time voters

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