Pimp of the week… Senator Joe Lieberman

There’s not enough words of detest and disdain that can be mustered to tag former Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Joe Lieberman for the 11th hour shenanigans he pulled the other day which resulted in the Healthcare Reform Bill being further diluted. Many of us were not big fans of the package because there had been one compromise after another. Initially many of us applauded when President Obama said he said the single payer  was the ideal solution to use when reforming Healthcare. We applauded even louder when congressman John Conyers and former Presidential candidate Congressman Dennis Kucinich  introduced house bill 676  which championed single payer.

That was two years ago  and since then we’ve seen all sorts of elected officials retreat as erroneous  charges of  socialism,  rationed healthcare and death panels got tossed around by conservative pundits, tea party advocates and anyone who had a political grudge against President Obama or the Democrats. What was ignored was the overwhelming majority of people who demanded that healthcare costs be lowered and that some sort of restructuring take place that would ease the financial burden incurred by those who actually have healthcare insurance. Those people were ignored along with the 40 million Americans who don’t have health insurance and live day to day hoping and praying they don’t get into an accident or come down with an illness.

Insurance companies spent the past two years mustering up all their resources and went to work lobbying hard. All the stops were pulled as we saw everything from paid actors showing up and shouting down elected officials at townhall meetings to well paid pundits whoo-riding every talk show making outlandish allegations about what a change in our healthcare system would do..

So we went from single-payer to public option and from public option to a watered down buy in program which would lower the age from 65-55 so that people could start receiving medicare. It certainly wasn’t the best option but after months of political drama folks were ready to accept. Senator Lieberman for weeks said he was with the program, especially since the overwhelming majority of people in his state of Connecticut including independents who voted for him said they wanted a public option.

This past Sunday in what many consider a blind side move and an act of vengeance Lieberman announced on a Sunday talk show that he wouldn’t be signing any bill unless it got rid of the medicare buy in.. He also noted there might be some other provisions, but basically he decided to threaten to derail the bill. His excuse was that it would cost too much.. This left many shaking their heads in disbelief, because cost seemed to not be major concern when Lieberman as a Democrat voted time and time again to support and fund the War in Iraq, which we now know was poorly planned and over the top in costs. Lieberman supported the war when many of his then fellow Democrats were not.. He so enraged his constituents back home in Connecticut that he lost in the 2006 primaries and wound up running as an independent. Republicans and indy voters sent Lieberman back to Washington, but now he’s even angered that base of supporters 

What Lieberman did appears to have been him extracting political payback. Yeah he says he was opposing the bill because of his conscious. We believe that about as much as we believe in tooth fairies.. . Lieberman wanted to be a king maker of sorts and stick it to the Democrats while ignoring the millions who are in desperate need of healthcare.. At a time when we have a recession and people are stretched thin, it’s a shame that this Senator who was bidding to be Vice president would pull such a move.. Its guys like him that make politics such an unattractive endeavor for the millions who have grown cynical and feel like voting doesn’t matter.

Thanks Senator Lieberman.. like I said there aren’t enough words to accurate describe what many are feeling when it comes to you and the foul move you pulled to satisfy ego..Joe Lieberman is the pimp of the week, because he has used and abused his constituents. He has used and abused the American people who looked to the senator to be a man of integrity and just as he demanded, people set aside partisan and political differences to fight the war on terror, its sad to see him not do that in the war on substandard healthcare..He betrayed the people and his obviously his principals.. Shame on Joe Lieberman.  

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