Pimp of the Week Rush Limbaugh-The Big Fat Pig

There’s a nasty stereotype about Americans that unfortunately gets reinforced from time to time by people who personify the ugliest of traits. One understands the art of political posturing. One also understands that in trying to get a point of view across, less than flattering things will be said. The rule of thumb has always been when playing politics you can go hard on the issue but not the people. When tragedy strikes as was the case with 9-11, relief from suffering and grief is the order of the day. People are ideally supposed to band together and work for the greater good.

Sadly radio host Rush Limbaugh didn’t get that memo. It’s either that or he’s so desperate for attention.. that he refuses to play by the rules. In less than 60 seconds the beleaguered island lost more than an estimated 100 thousand people. Kids were in a moment orphaned. In a second parents became childless. In a moment a million or so people were homeless. Human decency suggests that when something of that magnitude occurs you put away the politics and you work to prop up a fellow human being.  Limbaugh in the mist of this took to the airwaves and spoke to his 30 million listeners and said that Obama was responding to the tragedy in an attempt to win favor with the light skin Black community.

The irony here is that it sounds like Limbaugh was pimping this tragedy for his own shallow political gains. Maybe he didn’t want to see people come together. Maybe he didn’t want to do the right thing and work alongside his political foes. maybe he was high on all the illegally gotten pills he’s been known to pop in the past. Maybe he’s just a plain ole Big Fat Pig who has no common sense. We think it’s the latter.

Here’s Limbaugh’s remarks


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