The Power of Judges and the Roles that they Play… An Interview w/ Austin Lawyer Ann del LLano

We sat down with Austin lawyer/activist and Southern Shift partner Ann Del Llano and spoke to her about last month’s Supreme Court decision to allow corporations unlimited contributions in elections. She started off by noting that the American public were big losers. She said the average citizen just lost a seat at the table in our Democracy because corporations will immediately have a louder voice and better access to lawmakers.

Ann also laid out some of the possible impacts this decision could have on many Texans. For starters, she noted that Private Prisons could suddenly start weighing in on elections and using undue influence and vast resources to push for harsher and longer sentences that would help increase their bottom line.  She noted that we already have powerful police unions who’ve held considerable sway over politicians, who have found themselves under pressure to be tough on crime in the form of choosing  jail sentencing over alternatives. This trend would increase if private prison corporations who stand to make huge profits from warehousing bodies step into the mix..They would be the ones controlling the candidates and literally writing the laws. 

Ann also spoke on the issue of media corporations and how people’s voices would be drowned out when moves are made to allow them to control the internet and get rid of Net Neutrality.  Here’s pt1 of our podcast…

The Power of the Judges and the Roles that they Play

In pt2 of our podcast we take a sobering look at the enormous power judges have in and outside the courtroom, the roles they play and how the recent Supreme court ruling could corporatize the type of judges elected onto the bench… We talked about the types of corporate influence that hs seaped into the Supreme Court in Texas where citizens going up against corporation rarely win.  Ann expressed her fear that things would get exponentially worse.

We looked at a litany of criminal justice cases where the people accused of heinous crimes were let off by judges. They ranged  from the acquittal of the officers who shot Sean Bell 50 times in NY all the way up to the recent dismissal of a case against infamous Texas judge Sharon ‘Killer’ Kellar .  We talked about how George W Bush being ‘selected’ into office  in the landmark ruling they made in 2000, was the result of his father George H Bush putting conservative justices on the supreme court who would rule in his son’s favor 10-15 years later.  Ann pointed out the recent Supreme Court ruling was the result of Bush jr putting Roberts and Alioto on the court.

We talk about the importance of paying attention to elections and asking hard questions about the judges seeking office, especially in the areas of criminal sentencing. Ann lays out a startegy that voters can follow to start monitoring judges so they can be better informed come election time..

We also talked about how voters in Harris County in 2008 swept out all but 4 judges from office and replaced them with judges who were taking a different approach toward punishment.


Breakdown FM Podcast: The Wars Waged Against Haiti-Interview w/ Pierre LaBossiere of the Haiti Action Committee

Click HERE to Listen to Interview on Breakdown FM

Pierre LaBossiere is a community elder and long time Haitian born activist who has been letting many of us know about the challenges, triumphs and tribulations that have beset the Island nation.

He’s been doing this long before the devastating earthquake. He’s been doing this long before many of us knew about rap star Wyclef Jean who today has put this country on the map for a generation of people.

LaBossiere and his organization have been on the ground fighting the hindering and oppressive policies put forth by the Clinton and later Bush administrations. He’s been one of those people who has long reminded us about the shady stuff our government had a hand in which resulted in former Haitian President Aristide being removed (kidnapped) from office..

When we saw that President Obama had tapped former President’s Bill Clinton and George Bush to head up fund-raising efforts , the first person we reached out to was Pierre. As I noted he had long let us know that these figure heads were enemies to Haiti and one of the reasons why the island is in such turmoil.

In our interview LaBossiere goes into rich detail about the politics that have shaped this country and left it destitute. he talks about how Haiti after beating their French slave masters were made to pay reparations to France. They are still paying for that victory..

We talked about the immigration policies of Haiti.. Pierre reminded us that while our Brown brothers and sisters were dying in the deserts of the Southwest United States, Haitian refugees were dying in shark invested waters. He connects the dots and show how US policies have simultaneous crippled both countries..

During our interview we got crucial updates including the plight of Boots Riley (lead rapper for the Coup) father Walter Riley who was on the island when the earthquake hit and missing for a few days..

This is a must listen interview that will enlighten you and let you know that Haiti and her people are not some animalistic people who can’t do for self.. They are a people who have been engaged in a war since the days that President Thomas Jefferson considered them a threat to America.. We as a country have never let up..

Included in this interview are several incredible songs from Haitian rapper and historian Mecca aka Grimo… Enjoy and please pass around..

Here’s the URL

The Wars Waged Against Haiti from Thomas Jefferson to Now-Interview w/ Pierre LaBossier

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Lou Dobbs Quits CNN as Tea Party people Gear Up to Smash on Brown Communities Seeking Amnesty

Loudobbsquits-I hail Lou Dobbs resignation from CNN. I also congratulate and all their allies for their audacious leadership in holding “Goliath CNN” accountable for their hypocritical behavior in enabling openly bigoted Lou Dobbs over the years. The resignation of Mr. Dobbs should serve as a warning to all those that promote racism, racial profiling and bigotry against immigrants and Latinos with impunity. Dobbs resignation heralds the beginning of the end of the current era of anti-immigrant policies, practices, and laws.

Indeed, now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to prod Washington, DC to enact laws that legalize the undocumented and end polices like Homeland Security’s 287G program that foment racial profiling of people “that look like immigrants”, namely people of color. Just as led the way in holding Lou Dobbs accountable, Latino leadership and their allies must now hold Congress and the White House to their promises to enact just and humane policies for immigrants

-Antonio Gonzalez-

Latino Voters League

By now everyone has heard about xenaphobe TV host Lou Dobbs quitting CNN. Many are attributing his sudden departure to the Lou Dobbs/ CNN boycott (Bastadobbs) which contributed to the network finishing dead last in spite of the heavily promoted Latinos in America special. Many in the community were quite clear. Lou Dobb’s over the top rhetoric and constant targeting of Brown folks was not acceptable and could  and would not be overlooked even as the station was doing its best to court Latino viewers.  “You can’t have it both ways’, was the cry that went out coast to coast culminating in a 18 city national boycott the day Latinos in America premiered.

Here’s Lou Dobb’s announcement


Dr Sylvia Herrera speaks on on going attacks waged at immigrant communities

Now with all that being said, as was noted in the statement by Antonio Gonzalez of Latino League of Voters more work must be done especially in the areas of policy. Getting Washington to rescind Homeland Security’s expansion of the controversial 187 G program which allows local law enforcement to act as ICE agent is one challenge. As we noted in earlier articles here on The Southern Shift, there is a big debate and push to move that program into Houston. We recently sat down with Dr Sylvia Herrera who is the co-founder of Austin based PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources) She updated us on the 287 G program and other attacks levied on Brown communities. She also let us know that many innocent people who are citizens are being profiled, detained and even arrested if they can’t produce proper ID. She also talked about the reputation of President Obama’s Homeland Security head former Arizona governor  Janet Napolitano  and her policies which she feels were flawed. You can peep the podcast by clicking the link below…

Breakdown FM/ Hard Knock Radio Podcast

While that is being debated Brown communities around the country are going to have their hands full as the Tea Party  efforts are turning their venom and attention from protesting Healthcare Reform to what they describe as ‘Anti Amnesty/ Anti-Illegal Immigrant  Rallies. They are planning to hold 50 this weekend. Here’s an innocuous press release that they issued. Notice the image they used of the Founding Fathers in their flyer We won’t digress by talking too much about how George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and company were all slave owners. However, we will point out how the Tea Party folks have the nerve to put the phrase ‘Unite Against Amnesty’ while they themselves were immigrants and were engaged in a number of wars and skirmishes w/ Britain and with Native peoples to get their independence and to take over land and resources from people who were living here prior to them coming’


Please join us by attending or organizing a Tea Parties Against Amnesty
and Illegal Immigration rallies on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 and in the Spring of 2010 (Date TBA)!

** Check daily for new event locations and details latest news added every day! We hope to have an event near you soon! ***

President Obama along with Republican and Democrat DC insiders are
preparing a mass ‘Comprehensive’ Amnesty for illegal immigrants in
America that will provide a path to citizenship and turn illegal aliens
into voters even though a vast majority of Americans oppose this.  This will only bring more ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to America!

It is time for Americans of every race, religion, and political party to
unite and make it OUR MISSION to stop amnesty, stop and reverse illegal immigration, and place America back in the hands of We The People.

Please use the form below to sign up to attend or support a Tea Party
Against Amnesty and illegal immigration protests near you on Nov. 14!  New event locations are being added each day and if you are willing to organize one in your town please complete our ORGANIZER APPLICATION  

We plan to hold larger scale operations in the Spring of 2010 and these events in 2009 are our warm up operations.

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Give National Attention to End Violence Against Women-Is Gang rape Becoming a Spectator Sport?

Young Girl Gang raped for 2 Hours Outside High School Dance

Give National Attention to End Violence Against Women

by Tachelle Shamash Wilkes
Classes were back in session at Richmond High School in San Francisco’s East Bay Tuesday, with counselors available for students to talk about Saturday night’s horrific crime – the gang rape on campus of a 15-year-old student who had just left the homecoming dance… What makes this crime so shocking is that police say at least 20 people were involved in the rape or stood and watched the crime without going for help.
Author Tachelle Wilkes

Tachelle Shamash Wilkes

When I heard about the brutal rape of this high school girl, I was deeply saddened to the core that something like this could go on. “The Code of the Street” was meant to protect our women. However, somewhere down the line it was misconstrued to fit the agenda of men to cover up an array of sins. For these twenty-plus young onlookers to sit there and say or do nothing says a lot about the plight of this world. What if it were your sister who laid on that ground? As a matter of fact, what if she was your mother? Blood runs through this young girl’s veins just as yours. Her reflection is yours.

There laid our young sister who was brutally raped for two hours. This is something that we can’t let go. There is a total disconnect that has emerged in the form of hatred for our women. This is not just a call to stop the violence of young girls, but this is the call to heal our community. Our young boys just as our young girls need mental and spiritual healing. Mothers: Know what your children are doing at all times. Fathers: Be an integral part of your child’s life. They need you. Truth is there are many things that we as women can not teach our young boys, and that is to be a man.

richmond_high_school_1We need to take a moment and really look at where we are heading as a community. Here is a situation that needs light so we can drive negative forces away and bring a new day. Here is the perfect opportunity for the hip hop community to speak out and let the world know that a human life is the most valuable possession on earth. It’s time that we go back to our roots and use our voices as a means to heal and uplift. An atrocity as to what this young girl experienced has to end in this generation, so that we can insure a bright future for our children. The village has to come out of hiding and help raise our youth.

I think that we as a people talk too much. We need to be more action oriented. People need to “adopt” young people. Just because a child isn’t biologically yours doesn’t mean that you don’t have a moral responsibility to be there for them as well. I do, however, think it’s important that we make media who allow the promotion of violence and degradation against women to be held accountable to doing something to rectify this. They need to be put on blast.

Here’s a call for women, activists, and the community to speak out. Contact BET Networks at 202-608-2000 demanding a forum where hip hop artists who have tremendous drawing power for our youth to denounce the rape of our women and girls & contact your local radio stations, schools, churches to create workshops and forums to rid our community of this inhumanity.


Tachelle Shamash Wilkes
Author of “Amanda’s Ray”

Update: 4 people have been arrested with police saying there will be more to come.. They will appear in court today and are expected to be charged as adults. The rape took place for 2 1/2 hours with people coming watching, leaving coming back and watching again.. She was beaten and robbed.. and if thats not enough some are actually blaming the young lady because she knew the attackers and was drinking with them…Also this is not the first time this has happened. Earlier this year in Richmond there was gang rape of a lesbian women which sparked outrage.

Here’s a radio show that people may wanna peep that raises the question…is gang rape a spectator sport
It was recorded the day or so after this happened.

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine-The Deliberate Exploitation of a Crisis to Weaken Democracy


Naomi Kline

Naomi Klein author of the book Shock Doctrine came to last night (October 27th) UC Berkeley at the Mario Salvio Annual Free Speech  Movement  Event and spoke to an overflow crowd of 1200 people. 500 were turned away. Her message was on point and sobering as she laid out all the steps and triggers that have led up to the current economic tailspin many of us are feeling.

Klein went into detail about the Shock Doctrine and how certain tyrannical leaders look for or manfacture crises and emergencies with the goal of pushing through facist type agendas.. She laid out how this took place in New orleans and how it is currently manifesting itself here in California through Governor Arnold Schwatrznegger and his plan to raise UC fees by a whooping 32%

This is a must listen to interview and even though the issue being addressed is one impacting students in California, much of what she speaks on applies to folks everywhere including us here in Texas. What we need to be looking for are examples of the Shock Doctrine in our own backyard. In other words what sort of crises have emerged where those in power were insisting that we do away with formalities and allow  so called ’emergency’ measures to take place..

 Sit back and take notes.. Cause Ms Klein pulls no punches.. We are going to post the Q&A sometime tomorrow.

-Davey D-

Breakdown FM: Naomi Klein podcast-The Shock Doctrine at UC Berekely


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Breakdown FM Podcast: Wall Street Gangsters, Wu-tang Clan & the Economic Coup in America

DaveyD-leather-225Does Cash Rule Everything Around Me? From the looks of things yes. We sat down and spoke with former Wu-Tang Clan manager and author/entrepreneur Cedric Muhammad of to have an indpeth discussion about today’s current economic situation and how its impacting us.

We started off talking about the recent decision by investment bank Goldman Sachs to give out more than 20 Billion dollars in bonuses, after being bailed out with tax payer money. How could such a thing happen? Where’s the public outrage?

Cedric explains that the US is no longer a democracy but a plutocracy where a wealthy few rule everything. The blatant disregard by Goldman Sachs to the American public underscores the the type of control investment bankers have over all aspects of our lives here in America. Cedric explains that it’s almost impossible for President Obama to do anything because his seat in the White House is strictly controlled. As was spoken about in Michael Moore‘s movie ‘Capitalism‘, a coup has taken place in this country and we are sadly seeing it play out before our eyes.

Cedric Muhammad talks about this economic coup in our interview. His analysis is compelling. We talk in great detail how and why this happened. We also talk about how it is foolish to see this as a Democrat vs Republican situation. Cedric talks about how outfits like Goldman Sachs have members of both parties on the payroll.

We talk about the significance of Oliver Williamson of UC-Berkeley and him winning this years economic Noble Prize. We talk about the emerging economic models that exist in various ethnic communities and how they have allowed groups of people to prosper even in rough economic times. Cedric speaks about the important model set forth by Rza and his Wu-Tang Clan and why we should pay close attention and even mimic them. We also talk about how the Hip Hop political movement has allowed itself to be severely compromised and co-opted.

breakdownFM-logo-podcast-30This is an incredible and enlightening interview. It’s probably one of the most important ones you can listen to…click the link below to hear.

As you listen to the podcast peep out this insightful article that further explains the points raised by Cedric Muhammad..

Economic Governance: The Organization Of Cooperation: Why Wu-Tang Clan and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Could Have Won The 2009 Nobel Prize In Economics

cedricmuhammed2( Of all of the chapters that I wrote in my new three volume book series on entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurial Secret ( the one that gave me the most anxiety from a technical standpoint was Chapter 4 of Volume I, entitled, “The Secret of Capital And The Business Firm.” It is a chapter that makes some strong assertions, such as the economics profession does not understand what capital is; money is one of the least of all of the forms of capital; entrepreneurs should understand that a business firm is actually a society; and that 90% of Black businesses have no more than a single paid employee partly because the science of what a business firm is, and legal forms of business that encase it (i.e. sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations) were never taught to Black Americans, or worse, denied to them.

My anxiety stems from the fact that we the people have been made so ignorant, miseducated, and misled on economic matters that it is difficult to get into certain economic truths without being misunderstood or mislabeled. As I wrote in the Preface to The Entrepreneurial Secret this is due to the fact that the public school system does not teach economics, the news media cannot explain it properly and the book publishing industry divides and compartmentalizes knowledge in the field into too many categories. On another level, we’ve been systematically denied certain elements of business knowledge and funneled into a phony capitalism versus communism shouting match that produces more debate and distraction than development.

In my book I make the case that macroeconomic policy does matter, and that a debate over market forces and State control of an economy is important (I devote an entire chapter to this discussion). But a central theme of my book is that what leads to wealth creation, economic development and growth is self-improvement, enlightened self-interest, cultural traditions of pooling money, the proper use of the business firm, and the standardization of a business organization so that it does not depend upon a single personality. None of these five elements fits neatly into the mainstream economic profession nor does it revolve around the Free Market versus State debate that dominates the capitalism-socialism paradigm.

In The Entrepreneurial Secret I define the business firm as a form of society, a social institution, not to be defined by a ‘State’ or ‘Free Market.’ It is a vehicle where human beings unite, pool resources and capital, organize them in hierarchical structures and make decisions, even on how to resolve conflict. In that sense I see the business organization not unlike a ‘gang’, sorority, tribe, or religious order.

Oliver Williamson

Oliver Williamson

And this is why I was so impressed with the fact that Professor Oliver Williamson of California, Berkeley was a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (http://nobelprizelaureates/2009/press.html). You see Professor Williamson’s view of the firm is similar to the one I express in my book. Here is the most relevant portion of the official press release announcing his victory:

Economic transactions take place not only in markets, but also within firms, associations, households, and agencies. Whereas economic theory has comprehensively illuminated the virtues and limitations of markets, it has traditionally paid less attention to other institutional arrangements…. Oliver Williamson has argued that markets and hierarchical organizations, such as firms, represent alternative governance structures which differ in their approaches to resolving conflicts of interest. The drawback of markets is that they often entail haggling and disagreement. The drawback of firms is that authority, which mitigates contention, can be abused. Competitive markets work relatively well because buyers and sellers can turn to other trading partners in case of dissent. But when market competition is limited, firms are better suited for conflict resolution than markets. A key prediction of Williamson’s theory, which has also been supported empirically, is therefore that the propensity of economic agents to conduct their transactions inside the boundaries of a firm increases along with the relationship-specific features of their assets.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awards the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, uses a phrase, ‘relationship-specific.’ The untapped area in the field of economics which remains is that which revolves around ‘relationship-specific’ activity, and how such factors like love, envy, ambition and trust influence trade and commerce. Yet, the profession is only now getting around to how firms, associations, households and agencies are formed and impacted as a result of these forces. That Professor Williamson is being recognized for his work which looks at economic reality outside of central governments and markets is a positive sign.

On an empirical, conceptual, and anecdotal level my recognition of how people unite, resources are ordered, capital is arranged, and decisions are made in the firm is influenced by the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and my experience as General Manager of Wu-Tang Management. The economic blueprint of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in its entrepreneurial aspect (contained in the 1965 book Message To The Black Man) encourages, “If there are six or eight Muslims with knowledge and experience of the grocery business – pool your knowledge, open a grocery store – and you work collectively and harmoniously, Allah will bless you with success. If there are those with knowledge of dressmaking, merchandising, trades, maintenance – pool such knowledge….help to make jobs for your own kind. Take a lesson from the Chinese and Japanese and go give employment and assistance to your own kind when they are in need. This is the first law of nature…”

To the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the business firm is a society within a society. The connection of his insights and reference to the ethnic communities that have been foremost in wealth creation around the world and in the United States as immigrant groups is worthy of deep study.

When I was interacting with Wu-Tang Clan (beginning in 1993 when I met them as a young concert promoter still in college) or serving as part of management for over a two-year period in the 1990s I saw these principles practiced at a high level, and was involved in helping to execute them (along with an incredible four-man combination of Mook, Divine, RZA and Power) on the group’s behalf inside of the music industry and outside of it.

I will argue the unparalleled achievements and example of Wu Tang with anyone.

There has never been a greater model for community and economic development – in a business context – provided by any single artist or group in the music business than that given by the Clan. Perhaps one day someone will make a detailed study on this subject.

One of the reasons for the group’s success was that it was never burdened by any superficial ideological debates. Everyone was clear on what the goal was and in many ways we embodied the first law of nature – self preservation – and building wealth according to the cultural kinship systems of the Chinese, Jewish, and African traditions for example, where individuals support a collective and the collective finances the individual (entrepreneur). We made mistakes and errors, and fell victim to the same vices and imperfections that we all struggle with, but at its highest level of operation, there has been nothing like the Clan, before or since.

I touch on some enlightening and hilarious anecdotes in The Entrepreneurial Secret.

In my book’s chapter on capital and the business firm I devote 12 pages to different arguments over the nature of the business firm. What I present kisses and embraces certain aspects of Nobel Economist Professor Williamson’s work which makes clear that the government and market are quite often not the place where real economic activity takes place. It is in informal institutions like associations and households where transactions take place, often without money changing hands. Just look at a family and how many ‘trades’ take place without cash being involved. Consider the New York-based Jewish diamond trade where contracts in the millions of dollars are sealed only with a handshake and a Hebrew-Yiddish greeting of ‘mazel and brucha’ (luck and blessing).

Yet, despite overwhelming evidence, the economics profession looks down upon kinship systems (families, tribes, ethnic groups, ‘gangs,’ religious groups) that often have more trust than formal systems dominated by markets and central authorities. The obvious truth that trust is a form of wealth, seems to be a fact that Western economists only seem willing to acknowledge after stock market crashes and financial panics.

What the work of Nobel Economist Oliver Williamson makes clear is that whether markets or strong governments exist or not there are always benefits and a principal role for what he terms ‘private ordering’ – the lead role of associations, households, firms and agencies in undertaking economic activity.

Every ethnic trading network and group savings association in the world already knew this.

Wu-Tang Clan; The estimated $80 million Muslim ‘economic empire’ of the Nation of Islam prior to 1975; Jamaican ‘partners;’ Ethiopian ‘ekoub;’ Jewish aktsiyes;’ and the Chinese system of doing business known as ‘guanxi’ are not created by governments or ‘markets,’ they are relationship-specific institutions that emerge culturally and defy the understanding and logic of the economics profession.



As I write in my book, Wu-Tang really was a clan and RZA was our head. We were the product of an entrepreneurial vision, voluntary association, kinship system (everyone involved was either a blood relative, childhood friend or serious student of Islam and universal principles). There were elite inner circle elements to the decision-making, and others that were more ‘democratic’ and still more that were authoritarian. Only an understanding of the nuances of the theory of the business firm (and not how markets or central governments work) and the hierarchy it creates or enables would explain how and why the Clan achieved so much.

In an interesting interview with CNN to promote his new book, The Tao Of Wu, CNN and RZA have the following exchange:

CNN: You say you ran Wu-Tang like a dictatorship in its first five years. I know you and Raekwon have had creative differences and Ghostface Killah is suing you over royalties. Ever regret the dictatorship approach?

RZA: I don’t regret it because it got us to the power we are. …To me, in the beginning, the dictatorship led us to such a strong foundation that even though Wu-Tang seemed to be crumbling, it didn’t fall because of the root foundation of one man’s idea. But now as it’s coming back together — we’re living in the twilight age of it right now — it’s still surviving because of the democracy of it.


RZA’s assessment of the drawbacks but undeniable progress made with a ‘dictatorship’ would enlighten those who don’t understand why certain societies and electorates turn to authoritarian rulers with egalitarian messages (Venezuela, Cuba) or dominant spiritual leaders (Iran, Vatican, Nation of Islam). Much of it has to do with the shortcomings of ‘markets’ and ‘governments,’ and the ability of special human beings to inspire the greatest forms of economic wealth – trust and love – which always decrease transaction costs and provide a foundation for development.

On another level the theory of the firm explains why the entrepreneur is often more efficient than ‘markets’ at gathering, allocating, and determining the use of resources.

For the valuable role of direction and execution of resources that they fulfill, as well as the risk-taking they assume, there is always a dispute within groups (filled with envy, ambition, and structured on hierarchy) over how much of a ‘profit,’ reward, or compensation the leader or head should enjoy as opposed to the rest of the body.

In my book I make clear why I believe the word ‘entrepreneur’ is more accurate and appropriate than ‘dictator,’ to describe the dominant leader.

Yesterday, from Memphis, Tennessee, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in an address commemorating the 14th anniversary of the Million Man March ( represented one of the deeper regions of the Teachings of Honorable Elijah Muhammad connecting the structure and function of the human body, the origin of the universe, and the next stage of community and economic development that should take place in Black America, wasted urban areas, and distressed rural areas.

That anatomy, physiology, and universal order should enter a discussion on economics may be strange to some, but the deeper economists think into reality and study societies and their basic unit, the individual human being, the more they will see the unity of that which previously seemed disconnected.

I don’t believe in revisionist history, but the deeper economists get into anthropology, theology, cosmology, astronomy, anatomy and physiology – and I can’t leave out botany and zoology – the more likely they are to broaden the pool of likely recipients for the highest prize in the profession.

The Wu-Tang Clan and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad absolutely practice what Nobel Prize Economists Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson have studied, “Economic Governance: The Organization of Cooperation.”

One day it will be acknowledged, if I have anything to do with it.

Cedric Muhammad
October 19, 2009

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Forget the Governor’s Race-The Real Battle in Texas will be Redistricting-The Southern Shift podcast


To hear the podcast of the Southern Shift Redistricting Show click the link below

Two weeks ago we put out a video of an important roundtable we held in Austin, Texas about redistricting, jerrymandering(the redrawing of voting lines) the census and how that would impact states like Texas along with the rest of the country. We spoke about how redistricting is connected to the census and how the results of this activity will shape voting patterns for the next 10 years. Sadly way too many people are not pay attention to this important aspect of government.

We put together a podcast which includes the discussion in its entirety along with special guest commentary from Congressman James Clyburn D-SC who is the current whip of the house and James Rucker who heads up Color of Change. Included on this show are; Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report, Ann Del Llano of Southern Shift and Carmen Llanes of PODER. They discuss the importance of redistricting in the 2010 elections, especially as it pertains to Texas.

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