Former Harris County Judge Now Holds it Down in the Jails

We recently caught up with former Harris county judge Caprice Cosper and talk to her about her new appointment which has been described as a czar-ship for jails. She says that’s an inaccurate description and talked to us exactly what she does in overseeing the jail system. Her main goals is to deal with prison over crowding which has resulted in more than thousand prisoners being shipped out-of-state. She is also a liason  between her former fellow Harris County Judges and the Harris County Jail. Described as ameticulous hard-working, stern yet fair judge, we at The Southern Shift sat down and talked with Cosper about the types of thresholds she was hoping to reach in order to determine success.

In pt2 we continue our interview w/ former Harris County judge Caprice Cosper. Here she tackles the issue of recitivism and the push to be tough on crime. She talks about how Harris County is in a unique point in history where various stake holder in the justice system recognize there is great need for change. She lays out the steps she and others are now taking to be fair and yet responsible for keeping society’s most dangerous people off the streets.

As we come into pt3 of our interview w/ former judge Caprice Cosper, she talks about the need to rehabillitate non-violent, substance abuse and low level offenders who will one day get out of prison and return to society. 

We conclude our interview w/ former Harris county judge Caprice Cosper. Here we talk about the influence of gang reality shows on TV and how that may actually be an encouragement for wayward youth looking for 15 minutes of fame…We also talk about how women are the largest growing segment in Harris County’s jail population and steps being taken to turn that around. Lastly we talk about about how 1 out 10 Texans is or has been in jail.

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