Forget the Governor’s Race-The Real Battle in Texas will be Redistricting-The Southern Shift podcast


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Two weeks ago we put out a video of an important roundtable we held in Austin, Texas about redistricting, jerrymandering(the redrawing of voting lines) the census and how that would impact states like Texas along with the rest of the country. We spoke about how redistricting is connected to the census and how the results of this activity will shape voting patterns for the next 10 years. Sadly way too many people are not pay attention to this important aspect of government.

We put together a podcast which includes the discussion in its entirety along with special guest commentary from Congressman James Clyburn D-SC who is the current whip of the house and James Rucker who heads up Color of Change. Included on this show are; Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report, Ann Del Llano of Southern Shift and Carmen Llanes of PODER. They discuss the importance of redistricting in the 2010 elections, especially as it pertains to Texas.

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