Two victories in one w/ departure of Dobbs and Texas election chief


Hidalgo County Democratic Party activist Rosalie Weisfeld

 PHARR, Nov. 12 – Two victories in one day. That is how the departure of Lou Dobbs from CNN and the firing of a Texas elections administrator for making disparaging remarks about Spanish-speaking voters is being viewed by some.

“Two victories on the same day, this is great news. It shows our country is coming alive and that Latinos cannot be denigrated anymore. When we unite, we have power,” said Martha Sanchez, community activist for La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) in Mission.

 The state official who was fired is Melinda Nickless, assistant director of the secretary of state’s elections division. Her advice at a pre-primary seminar in Austin last weekend that election workers speak slowly and loudly to Spanish-speaking voters offended Hidalgo County Democratic Party activist Rosalie Weisfeld and others. Weisfeld’s complaint eventually led to Nickless’ dismissal by Hope Andrade, Texas’ first Latina secretary of state.

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Lou Dobbs Quits CNN as Tea Party people Gear Up to Smash on Brown Communities Seeking Amnesty

Loudobbsquits-I hail Lou Dobbs resignation from CNN. I also congratulate and all their allies for their audacious leadership in holding “Goliath CNN” accountable for their hypocritical behavior in enabling openly bigoted Lou Dobbs over the years. The resignation of Mr. Dobbs should serve as a warning to all those that promote racism, racial profiling and bigotry against immigrants and Latinos with impunity. Dobbs resignation heralds the beginning of the end of the current era of anti-immigrant policies, practices, and laws.

Indeed, now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to prod Washington, DC to enact laws that legalize the undocumented and end polices like Homeland Security’s 287G program that foment racial profiling of people “that look like immigrants”, namely people of color. Just as led the way in holding Lou Dobbs accountable, Latino leadership and their allies must now hold Congress and the White House to their promises to enact just and humane policies for immigrants

-Antonio Gonzalez-

Latino Voters League

By now everyone has heard about xenaphobe TV host Lou Dobbs quitting CNN. Many are attributing his sudden departure to the Lou Dobbs/ CNN boycott (Bastadobbs) which contributed to the network finishing dead last in spite of the heavily promoted Latinos in America special. Many in the community were quite clear. Lou Dobb’s over the top rhetoric and constant targeting of Brown folks was not acceptable and could  and would not be overlooked even as the station was doing its best to court Latino viewers.  “You can’t have it both ways’, was the cry that went out coast to coast culminating in a 18 city national boycott the day Latinos in America premiered.

Here’s Lou Dobb’s announcement


Dr Sylvia Herrera speaks on on going attacks waged at immigrant communities

Now with all that being said, as was noted in the statement by Antonio Gonzalez of Latino League of Voters more work must be done especially in the areas of policy. Getting Washington to rescind Homeland Security’s expansion of the controversial 187 G program which allows local law enforcement to act as ICE agent is one challenge. As we noted in earlier articles here on The Southern Shift, there is a big debate and push to move that program into Houston. We recently sat down with Dr Sylvia Herrera who is the co-founder of Austin based PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources) She updated us on the 287 G program and other attacks levied on Brown communities. She also let us know that many innocent people who are citizens are being profiled, detained and even arrested if they can’t produce proper ID. She also talked about the reputation of President Obama’s Homeland Security head former Arizona governor  Janet Napolitano  and her policies which she feels were flawed. You can peep the podcast by clicking the link below…

Breakdown FM/ Hard Knock Radio Podcast

While that is being debated Brown communities around the country are going to have their hands full as the Tea Party  efforts are turning their venom and attention from protesting Healthcare Reform to what they describe as ‘Anti Amnesty/ Anti-Illegal Immigrant  Rallies. They are planning to hold 50 this weekend. Here’s an innocuous press release that they issued. Notice the image they used of the Founding Fathers in their flyer We won’t digress by talking too much about how George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and company were all slave owners. However, we will point out how the Tea Party folks have the nerve to put the phrase ‘Unite Against Amnesty’ while they themselves were immigrants and were engaged in a number of wars and skirmishes w/ Britain and with Native peoples to get their independence and to take over land and resources from people who were living here prior to them coming’


Please join us by attending or organizing a Tea Parties Against Amnesty
and Illegal Immigration rallies on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 and in the Spring of 2010 (Date TBA)!

** Check daily for new event locations and details latest news added every day! We hope to have an event near you soon! ***

President Obama along with Republican and Democrat DC insiders are
preparing a mass ‘Comprehensive’ Amnesty for illegal immigrants in
America that will provide a path to citizenship and turn illegal aliens
into voters even though a vast majority of Americans oppose this.  This will only bring more ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to America!

It is time for Americans of every race, religion, and political party to
unite and make it OUR MISSION to stop amnesty, stop and reverse illegal immigration, and place America back in the hands of We The People.

Please use the form below to sign up to attend or support a Tea Party
Against Amnesty and illegal immigration protests near you on Nov. 14!  New event locations are being added each day and if you are willing to organize one in your town please complete our ORGANIZER APPLICATION  

We plan to hold larger scale operations in the Spring of 2010 and these events in 2009 are our warm up operations.

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Rallies Planned in 18 Cities including San Antonio & Houston as Latino Activists Demand CNN Fire Lou Dobbs

DaveyD-leather-225I recently heard some grumblings from some who are suddenly feeling protective of CNN pundit Lou Dobbs as they fell back on the free speech argument.

The basic gist of the argument is as follows; “Lou Dobbs has a right to his opinion and what is taking place by Latino organizations rallying and demanding he be dropped is censorship”.

Noting could be further from the truth. Lou Dobbs does in deed have a right to his opinion, but not when it comes to spreading lies and half truths to millions on the airwaves and people can’t rebut. It’s interesting to hear people crying in defense of Lou Dobbs , while those very same people and forces have remained astonishingly silent when former CNN host Glenn Beck led a witch hunt against Green for All activist Van Jones.

Jone’s ‘free speech was called into question from the bully pulpit of the corporate airwaves resulting in Jones resigning from his post at the White House. many feel like he was forced out. Beck has since gone on to continue his witch hunt for people he personally feels have uttered the wrong ideological opinions past and present.
All it took was a couple of articles and a well placed letter from the widow of the cop who was killed and Hill was fired. News of his dismissal came to Hill via news media. He was never called and personally informed until after the fact. It didn’t matter that Hill had a right to his opinion or that Mumia has always maintained his innocence and millions around the world believe and support him. None of that ‘free speech mattered’.

Former Fox News pundit Dr Marc Lamont Hill

Former Fox News pundit Dr Marc Lamont Hill

It was just last week that media pundits launched a campaign to ulster popular media analyst Marc Lamont Hill who is one of the few progressive voices that regularly appeared on Fox News. The two ultra-conservative pundits took issue with Hill’s support of Mumia Abu Jamal who sits on death row and Assata Shakur who escaped the law and is exiled in Cuba. These pundits went to a Fox shareholders meeting confronted News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch and demanded that he get rid of an employee who they felt was out of bounds for supporting a convicted ‘cop killer’.

How this connects to CNN even though these recent happenings occurred on rival Fox, is that as a news media outlets it hasn’t used its bully pulpit to demand that such distortions and McCarthy era tactics cease. It remained silent or in this instance has participated via Lou Dobbs whose insidious rhetoric has helped foster a climate that has led to a spike in hate crimes. With that in mind, there should be absolutely no objections to groups demanding Dobbs be dropped. The fact that Latinos groups have to hold rallies in 18 cities, get petitions and go through all sorts of hoops versus a couple of media pundits pushing their strongly felt opinions on the airwaves is a clear indication just how imblanced things are..

-something to ponder-

Davey D

CNN-ClearlyNotnewsToday CNN premiers ‘Latino in America’ Premiere, Nation-Wide Rallies Planned to Demand CNN to Dump Lou Dobbs!

You can join the efforts! Scroll down for a list of cities and make sure you download your signs!!!

Download Graphics here:

Community leaders, politicians and faith groups in 18 of the top U.S. Latino media markets are set to rally together in local protest events on Wednesday, October 21stin an effort to increase the pressure on CNN to remove Lou Dobbs from its programming. Calling CNN hypocritical for airing “Latino in America,” an advertising-driven special on Latinos, while at the same time hosting the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Lou Dobbs, the events are part of our campaign, a coalition of Latino organizations from across the country that is led by online advocacy group

CNN-canthaveitbothways“Our message to CNN is clear: You cannot have it both ways. It’s either promotion of hatred by Lou Dobbs or real news regarding the Latino community,” said Isabel Garcia, a prominent civil and human rights attorney in Arizona who is highlighted in the “Latino in America” series and who is also participating in the effort.

“Lou Dobbs abuses the CNN platform to dehumanize and spread fear about Latinos and immigrants. It is no surprise that hard-working Latinos in this country are increasingly victims of hate-motivated violence,” added Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles(CHIRLA). “CNN must be accountable to one of the largest minority groups in the United States if it seeks to gain their following and respect”.

CNN-profitsfromhateOn Wednesday, press conferences and public actions threat of Lou Dobbs on CNN are planned these locations!

12 PM NOON @ National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

10 AM @ CNN Building Downtown
190 Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30303

11 AM @ Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02133

12 PM NOON @ Casa Michoacan
1638 S. Blue Island Ave. Chicago, IL 60608

12 PM NOON @ Colorado State Capital
200 E Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203

12 PM NOON @NCCE Lenoir County Center
1791 Hwy 11/55, Kinston, NC 28504

11:30 AM @Houston City Council
900 Bagby St. Houston, TX 77002

5 PM @ Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional
740 N. Eastern Ave.- Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89101

10 AM @ Carecen
2845 West 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005

12 PM NOON @ Center for Immigrant Orientation
2610 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135

4 PM @ CNN Building Downtown
10 Columbus Cir. New York, NY 10023

12 PM NOON @ 802 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

12 PM NOON @ Cesar Chavez Plaza Park
J St & 10th St, Sacramento CA 95814

12 PM NOON @ Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78212

12 PM NOON @ Offices of American Friends Service Committee
3275 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102

12 PM NOON @ Sun Rise Restaurant
3126 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

12 PM NOON @ El Tiradito in Old Barrio
on South Main St. between W. Cushing St. & W. Simpson St. Downtown Tucson, AZ 85701

CNN’s ramping it’s ‘Latino in America,’ but it’s getting ruined by Lou Dobbs


In a few days CNN will launch its ambitious “Latino in America” series. Hosted by the popular Soledad O’Brien, the heavily promoted four-hour program will air on Oct. 21 and 22.

“Witness the evolution of a country as Latinos change America, and in return, America changes Latinos,” is how CNN entices potential viewers on its Web site. The series is a serious effort to capture a larger share of the Hispanic market – and according to some who have seen it, a worthy one.

Ironically, the series comes at a time when CNN has a huge trust problem with Latinos – and its name is Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs, some say, has thrown ethics overboard and has made a career out of vilifying immigrants.

“The truth is that CNN already airs a nightly program on Latinos in America. It’s called ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight‘, and for 260 hours a year CNN provides air time for anti-immigrant distortions and anti-Latino propaganda,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a national pro-immigration reform group.

America’s Voice, along with Media Matters, and, have called on CNN to dump Dobbs.

“They (CNN) think that a few hours of serious reporting on Latinos by sunny Soledad O’Brien can make up for thousands of hours of anti-Latino extremism from the dark Lou Dobbs,” said Roberto Lovato, of and a leader of the movement to dismiss Dobbs.

Through the Web site,, over 70,000 people have signed a petition demanding CNN President Jon Klein fire Dobbs. It reads, in part: “As President of CNN, it is imperative that you act quickly and decisively to drop Dobbs from your network, and send the message that CNN does not tolerate hate speech. There should be no place for the likes of Dobbs on the ‘most trusted name in news.’ “

Hate speech has created a hostile environment for Latinos in America resulting in violence and death. The FBI says that from 2003 to 2006, hate crimes against Latinos increased 40%.

Visitors to the can watch the eye-opening video, “CNN: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America?” They can also find some of Dobbs’ most outrageously false claims, such as the 7,000 cases of leprosy caused by Latino immigrants..

Dobbs has also claimed that “Just about a third of our prison system is made up of illegal aliens.”

But the Department of Justice reports that immigrants (legal and illegal) make just 6% of the prison population. is committed to set the record straight.

“For us, ‘Latino in America’ is a teachable moment that we will use to raise awareness about how Dobbs spreads lies about immigrants in his program and opens it to the most dangerous hate groups in the U.S.,” Lovato said. “It is also about raising awareness that by watching CNN, Latinos are disrespecting ourselves.”

America’s Voice and Media Matters planned to run an ad targeting Dobbs during the broadcast of Latino in America, but CNN refused to air it.

America’s Voice says it plans to run the ad on a competing network.

Angelo Falcón, executive director of the National Institute for Latino Policy in New York, points out that Dobbs’ problem (and CNN’s) is “he doesn’t understand the widespread antipathy to him and his race-baiting that exists throughout the Latino community, on its left, right and middle.”

The question CNN must answer is a clear one, Lovato said: “What is it going to be: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America?”

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