Debbie Russell of Texas ACLU Speaks on Nathaniel Sanders Shooting & Investigation

We caught up with community activist Debbie Russell who heads up the local chapter of the ACLU in Austin, Texas. Here she recounts what happened this past May when Austin Police shot two men, one of them Nathaniel Sanders fatally as they slept in a car. The tragic incident sparked a mini riot involving members of the East Austin Walnut Creek community that had grown weary of unarmed Black and Brown people being shot every year by APD for the past ten years around May and June.   
Russell speaks about a recent independent report that came out that points out the serious flaws within APD both in how they handled the investigation and their procedures. I.e. The camera that is mounted on the police cars were somehow not working.  Russell talked about the Grand Jury investigation and noted that many feel the district attorney did not release enough evidence to that would result in charges being brought upon the cop who shot Sanders. She also talks about the importance of community members paying close attention to elections where District Attorneys and judges are vying for seats. She noted those are the people who can exert much sway on police department rules.
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